October 9, 2015

My New Best Friend

Is anyone still out there?  I haven't posted since June so I wouldn't be surprised if this just goes into
cyber oblivion.  I have been very busy with enjoying the summer sunshine which only appeared about the time of my last post on June 28th. But mostly I have been kept very busy with jewelry  roll orders from my Etsy shop.  I have now cut and stitched over 300 of them plus a few other items.

AND this is why I have a new best friend.

You probably can't see it very well. Underneath my rotary cutter is a clear acrylic rectangle. I have one of my Thimble Fingers stickers on it so I am better able to find it. The reflection of the light fixture above shows up on it.

Is this better?
Using  a little program called SKITCH, I drew a line around it.

This template arrived yesterday and was put to immediate use and now measuring and cutting jewelry rolls is going to go so much faster that perhaps I will blog more...or clean my house...or cook a meal. No promises, though.

Where did this come from, you ask.  Well, I found Eric of AllThingsAcrylic on Etsy. I'm not even sure what I was searching for.  He makes a lot of templates for quilters and best of all, he will custom make stuff.  I immediately sent him a message requesting this simple rectangle and he replied promptly with a VERY reasonable price and even included some markings (which you cannot see) at no extra charge.
Now I can measure and cut with one simple pattern.  My old paper patterns had to be remade often since they would often get accidentally "trimmed" by the cutter.  The template will be especially helpful when I want to line up a print fabric and get a motif centered or placed a certain way.

Here is version 5 or 6 of my Kraft paper pattern which was due to be replaced shortly.
I may add a few more markings on my buddy...I think I will call it/him Buddy...with permanent marker.
My second best friends are the twins in photo 1and 2.  The magnetic pincushion is wonderfully practical. Pins don't have to be placed on it. You can practically throw them from across the room. Pickup from the floor can be done blindfolded. But, TWO! Yes, because I keep one on the ironing/cutting/pinning table and the other next to the sewing machine.  The table one is constantly being emptied and the one by the machine is constantly being filled. I just switch them back and forth and save myself a lot of getting up and GOING back and forth.

Do you have a sewing best friend? Please comment and tell me about yours.