January 26, 2014

Winter Sewing Slowdown

I don't know if I can blame it on the extremely cold winter we are having or just lack of imagination, but I have not been turning out much in the sewing department. Since sewing is my escape from cooking and cleaning you might think I would have been busy whipping up magnificent dishes or deep-cleaning the bathrooms. WRONG. Time is just slipping away and I have very little to show for it. 
Except this:

 What is it?
I saw this on my wanderings through Pinterest.

 I clicked on it hoping to find a pattern or a tutorial but it only led to where I could buy it. It looked pretty simple so I set out to DIY. I only needed about a 1/2 yard of fabric and thought the car print was perfect for my grandson. I found another print for grand-daughter but then realized this cannot work for a child in a car seat with the chest straps and buckles. I'll save it until she is out of a car seat which may be ten years since she is so tiny!

I wish I had thought to document the entire process but this will have to suffice. I dragged out some foam rubber scraps and cut them into strips about 18" long. I made one 4 inches wide and the other 2 inches wide and stacked them to create a sort of mound. I wrapped the "mound" with some quilt batting to smooth it out. I did not use the fuzzy backing shown in the picture above. 

I made a tube of the fabric with a flap attached to the side seam. Leave the ends open. The hard part is getting that inner stuff into the outer cover. To facilitate this, put the stuffing into a plastic grocery bag and shove and pull it through. The plastic will help it glide. Fold over the ends and sew across. 

My lack of foresight required that I attach the Velcro by hand since the tube was already made. Duh!
This flap now folds around the back of the seat belt and attaches easily. All of the padding is away from the child's body so that is serves as a cozy pillow but doesn't interfere with the fit of the belt.

The road test proved successful. He likes it and it went home in Dad's car. Note the bear's trousers. These were made when Teddy got left behind at Grandma's house and he requested that I make an outfit. I made sleep shorts for both child and bear that match although child did not get the neck bow.

I find all sorts of great things to make for girls but not so many for boys and at 6 1/2 he is becoming more conscious of appearing "girly". Although I think those florescent pants might lean that way or are they just gaudy?

January 1, 2014

ADSD - Attention Deficit Sewing Disorder

I have a diagnosis. Not officially but through years of self-study and dawning realization the verdict is in. I "suffer" from ADSD - Attention Deficit Sewing Disorder.

Disorder is always part of sewing:

But the inside of my head is sometimes in disarray. I start one project and then jump to another. I home in on one style and suddenly switch to another. 

Sweet and old-fashioned
to contemporary
to "antiqued".  From pillows to aprons in retro style
to who knows what style.
Then it was bags. Zippered pouches:

with faux leather
with birds and quilting 

Zippered wallets

Novelty bags with snap closure and texture

Beach bag

Travel tote
And we can't leave out the wine bags.

Which inspired the wine aprons
And then came towels.

 I even veered off into technology and whipped up a semi-successful iPad cover!
Maybe 2014 will bring new inspiration for entirely new sewing projects. I may actually try tackling clothing for me again although I really dislike thew results I have achieved in the past.