January 1, 2014

ADSD - Attention Deficit Sewing Disorder

I have a diagnosis. Not officially but through years of self-study and dawning realization the verdict is in. I "suffer" from ADSD - Attention Deficit Sewing Disorder.

Disorder is always part of sewing:

But the inside of my head is sometimes in disarray. I start one project and then jump to another. I home in on one style and suddenly switch to another. 

Sweet and old-fashioned
to contemporary
to "antiqued".  From pillows to aprons in retro style
to who knows what style.
Then it was bags. Zippered pouches:

with faux leather
with birds and quilting 

Zippered wallets

Novelty bags with snap closure and texture

Beach bag

Travel tote
And we can't leave out the wine bags.

Which inspired the wine aprons
And then came towels.

 I even veered off into technology and whipped up a semi-successful iPad cover!
Maybe 2014 will bring new inspiration for entirely new sewing projects. I may actually try tackling clothing for me again although I really dislike thew results I have achieved in the past.

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  1. I feel your pain, sister! I have the same disorder but I justify it by saying that I'm learning different techniques with each half-project, lol.