May 31, 2014

Serging Knits for Fun!

I knew I had to get into sewing with the knits I bought at Mood in NYC right away or I could see myself putting it off and then failing to ever do it.  I have no excuse because the new serger makes it so much easier.

I decided to use a very simple pattern.
I picked this pattern up at Joann Fabrics one day when the McCall's patterns were 5 for $7. I really hate paying anymore than $6 tops for a pattern and this one seemed a real bargain because it has 4 garments. The rolling bag is not included!

The Mood fabric is too precious to me to mess up so I got out some knit in white with black polka dots I had found on a Joann's bargain rack to use as my muslin. I NEVER make a muslin but this great because it is the same weight as my good stuff. I think it turned out great even though it has a few issues.

The instructions, I thought, were weird. This pattern is meant for knits but the instructions barely acknowledged that fact.  The parts that wrap around the neck are shown sewn with wrong sides together and then the seam opened flat, stitched down and clipped. EEK! I couldn't make myself do it. I could only foresee a mess.

 I did follow the pleating instructions but fear I did a crappy job here.

I really have know idea what this might look like. Maybe I'll play around with the scraps and see what happens.  Overall I am happy with it and I made some adjustments in the shoulder width for the next version.  I also ditched the pleating in the back neck and instead sewed a thin elastic in the seam line to gather it.
 I love the colors and pattern in this. I have any number of things to match it up with. Its a great summer wardrobe piece when you go into blasting air-conditioning or need a little sun protection.

The back of the neck is scarf-like.

The next project is a dress! I never wear dresses but with this patterned jacket I think it is a real possibility. The machines are all loaded up with the right color thread for this teal... aqua...turquoise?? 
solid so I might as well dive in. See you if and when it turns out.

Added note 6/1: I also did not follow the directions in this pattern for sewing up the side seams first and setting in the sleeve. I sewed the top of the sleeve to the shoulder (much easier to ease) and then sewed all the way up the side seam and down the sleeve. 

May 22, 2014

Peter Made Me Do It

Yes, it was reading Male Pattern Boldness and seeing all the great things Peter whips up for himself that not only drove me to try sewing some clothing again, but traveling to fashion fabric heaven in New York City.

 The first stop was Butoni where  inexplicably photography is not allowed.

                                           Then to the TV famed MOOD. You do watch Project Runway, don't you?

Cameras were no problem and the staff was very helpful AND friendly...especially my cutter.
My purchases below. They are all knits because they are so hard to find in my locale.

This was snapped through the window of another shop. I like color but I'm not a glitter or sequin fan.

We spent all afternoon shopping, walking, gawking and lugging and then saw the Broadway show "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical". It was terrific and I'm hoping Jessie Mueller wins the Tony for her portrayal of Carole.   

Saturday morning we headed off to the Flea Market at the 25th St. Garage where I encountered these eyeglass frames. I love colorful frames and I bought these. 

                    They will look better with the tinted sunglass lenses I am going to put in them. 
Also bought a book on fabric.

A short hop down the and across the street is City Quilter which stocks a some really nice quilting cotton with a NYC theme. These are for non-clothing items I'll be making for my Etsy shop.

The blue on the left is a laminated waterproof fabric and fits into the theme since we race walked 12 blocks in a drenching rain after the show when we couldn't get a taxi and had no idea what subway to take!

                         I LOVE NEW YORK!