October 29, 2012

Something for the Kiddies

Not much got done this weekend while we baby-sat the grandkids so having them model for the blog seemed a great idea. "Seemed"  is the word since getting one them to stand still for a nano-second in the case of the little on (18 mos.) or to stop making ridiculous poses for the 5 year-old was near impossible. Of course it WAS silly to have him pose in an apron made for a girl. But he was just the right size.  Unfortunately, my sweet girl is pretty much swamped by the apron I put on her.
Hard to see but the words around the little flower read "Ring around the rosy, Pocketful of Posy". The image is from The Graphics Fairy.
She loved this one with the fabric flowers. She laughed every time she touched them.
Above and below are the two sides of a reversible apron. The bouncing ball is a big red button.

Spiffy, huh?

October 21, 2012

Pillow Talk

I am showing some other ways I find to keep the creative force busy by also making pillows. My elderly attention deficit keeps me avoiding the boredom of making the same things over and over. 
The pillows above are sharing some interesting ribbon I picked up from an antique booth and transfers from two sources.  The gate on the top pillow and the little bunch of grapes are from my favorite "The Graphics Fairy".
The transfer for the lovely Italian typography  was acquired from an etsy site called GRAPHIQUE.

I used  ticking and a nautical theme here. The one on the right has some cording that had to be sewn on tediously by hand but worth it. Only the starfish gold button on the left  had to be hand sewn.

I gave up images for awhile (more attention deficit) and turned to fabric alone for design.  I found the instructions to make these through  Pinterest.
It's in the AROUND THE HOUSE category on my Pinterest page.

And then a completely different style out of the past. I said I have trouble sticking to something for too long. Well, many years ago I used to make quilts and  even taught quilting to others who were interested. However, that was when we all quilted by hand. Baby quilts and wall hangings mainly  because I lprefer  the design and planning more than the actual quilting and finishing.  In a box tucked away I found  the start of a twin size quilt from at least 25 years ago. I had cut out all the pieces and was in the process of embroidering images of houses. These three blocks were done and  have been turned  into pillows.  I was told that they have limited appeal now because the trends have changed and I  agree that the colors are not would I would choose now. What do you think?

October 15, 2012

Messy Madness

I am doing a craft booth to earn a little cash back to support this hobby and I only really have a month to prepare. I have a friend who has a book selling business and she was just lamenting how out of control things have gotten at her place. (See http://booksartlifeandacat.blogspot.com/ ).

To make her feel better I am posting this picture. What you can't see are all the tidbits on the carpet...pins, needles (ouch!) threads, bits of fabric, scraps of paper, pattern pieces. Most of that stuff sitting around has no decorative purpose. It is just waiting to be used in some creation.

I did create these:
The images from the fabulous Graphics Fairy inspired the caption "Let's Eat Cake" and I thought they were a complete turn around from my last post's retro images. I'm trying to appeal to all tastes.


October 7, 2012

The "Good Old Days"

"Everything old is new again", they say so here I am waxing nostalgic over the stuff we lived with in the fifties and the younger generation is rediscovering mid-century modern!

The lovely lady in the picture is decorating with decals. I found this on a sheet of old decals I bought at a flea market (see previous post). I sure miss those metal cabinets!  Wouldn't these look spiffy on your stainless steel fridge?


I have whipped up some aprons to wear while "decaling".

Thanks Graphics Fairy

I know this is a dangerous way to hang up aprons but it was only until I could take a photo.  I really need a model. Oh, and unless you can zoom in you will miss the words printed above the fan on the pocket. It says,  Can't stand the heat? I don't know if the younger crowd will get the reference.