October 15, 2012

Messy Madness

I am doing a craft booth to earn a little cash back to support this hobby and I only really have a month to prepare. I have a friend who has a book selling business and she was just lamenting how out of control things have gotten at her place. (See http://booksartlifeandacat.blogspot.com/ ).

To make her feel better I am posting this picture. What you can't see are all the tidbits on the carpet...pins, needles (ouch!) threads, bits of fabric, scraps of paper, pattern pieces. Most of that stuff sitting around has no decorative purpose. It is just waiting to be used in some creation.

I did create these:
The images from the fabulous Graphics Fairy inspired the caption "Let's Eat Cake" and I thought they were a complete turn around from my last post's retro images. I'm trying to appeal to all tastes.


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  1. Wow. Those are wonderful. You must be really creative. I love them! take care, Darlene