October 21, 2012

Pillow Talk

I am showing some other ways I find to keep the creative force busy by also making pillows. My elderly attention deficit keeps me avoiding the boredom of making the same things over and over. 
The pillows above are sharing some interesting ribbon I picked up from an antique booth and transfers from two sources.  The gate on the top pillow and the little bunch of grapes are from my favorite "The Graphics Fairy".
The transfer for the lovely Italian typography  was acquired from an etsy site called GRAPHIQUE.

I used  ticking and a nautical theme here. The one on the right has some cording that had to be sewn on tediously by hand but worth it. Only the starfish gold button on the left  had to be hand sewn.

I gave up images for awhile (more attention deficit) and turned to fabric alone for design.  I found the instructions to make these through  Pinterest.
It's in the AROUND THE HOUSE category on my Pinterest page.

And then a completely different style out of the past. I said I have trouble sticking to something for too long. Well, many years ago I used to make quilts and  even taught quilting to others who were interested. However, that was when we all quilted by hand. Baby quilts and wall hangings mainly  because I lprefer  the design and planning more than the actual quilting and finishing.  In a box tucked away I found  the start of a twin size quilt from at least 25 years ago. I had cut out all the pieces and was in the process of embroidering images of houses. These three blocks were done and  have been turned  into pillows.  I was told that they have limited appeal now because the trends have changed and I  agree that the colors are not would I would choose now. What do you think?

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  1. These are great! I love seeing the different styles that you make.