April 29, 2013

Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Waves

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Been away for awhile sailing the high seas. We went on our first cruise and so I am featuring two maritime inspired pillows. I made these long before the trip. Only been back a day and my sewing machine had a "spa treatment" while I was gone at Akron Sewing  Machine Center and I am picking her up this afternoon. Then it will be back to work.
I will be showing more about the trip on my travel blog Adventures with C&S soon. Stop by and take a look after April 30. Click on the pillow pictures to see them in my Etsy shop. They are available for you to buy for your yacht!!
Thank you to Karen the Graphics Fairy for the nautical images. Visit her at
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April 7, 2013

"You, asked for it. You got it, Toyota",

Yes, I got one! My husband has maintained that he will only buy American but I got a Toyota....serger.

In a way I did "ask for it". I was at my exercise class explaining why I would miss an upcoming  class because of going to the Sewing Expo (see blog entry HERE). They are a caring group and worry if you are not there and it does help to motivate me to get there, as well. When I said I was going to be taking a beginner serger class because I was interested in buying one, a fellow exerciser asked if I would like to buy hers since she hadn't used it in ten years. She told me she couldn't remember the make, model and had no idea how much she wanted for it. She brought the information and came up with a $30 price. How could I go wrong? I got it home and fired it up and this is what it did.

I knew this wasn't good, but having no experience and fiddling with all these tension dials frightened me. After trying out a $4K model at the expo I knew it would be worth it to have it looked at by a professional. For $95 I got it all cleaned up and adjusted and received some good advice including "ditch the old thread". It was original to the machine when it was bought in 1991.
After adjustment

90% off is good

I used it in making the towels and potholders. You just can't see anything because the seams are hidden but it does a great job in keeping this rather loose weave fabric from fraying. The fan image is one of my favorites from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY and I added the text which I find amusing.
These are at my Etsy Shop, CherylThimbleFingers.
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