March 23, 2013

Off to the Expo!

Francine is helping me out here by holding onto just one day's load of goodies acquired at Sewing & Quilt Expo I attended for two days this week.

She stayed home wearing my tablecloth apron adorned with sewing images from

The fabric choices were phenominal. Of course, this show is angled toward quilters, most of whom have fancy machines that do all the actual stitching but I found loads of inspirational fabrics to create my kind of creations.

Are you familiar with those fabric strips called Jelly Rolls? Here is a huge one.
My sewing buddy, Susan, stands by.
Well, it is pretending to be one. But really is a big piece of foam covered in a jelly roll costume! This is Pam demonstrating how to relax. The pattern is from Carol at Aunties Two. Check it out.
This is a better view of the stack at the rear left in the pic below
Found lots of current passion
This rick-rack is huge and the colors are great
This was abargain find. It is so unusual and I have some fun ideas for it. Keep up with me each week to see what happens to it.
an then there is this. I bought it in a red/blue combination last year and haven't sewn it up yet. Now I will two!
The check is on one side and the plaid is on the reverse and is it very light and airy.  Perfect for a summer tunic, maybe. I better get this all used up before next year's Expo.


  1. I enjoyed your post and funny photo on the oversized Jelly Roll (had to do a doubletake, until you said it was a prop!)

    Love the apron you did with GraphicsFairy image on the bib too :)

    Visiting from Brag Monday linky party @Graphicsfairy
    Suz @ MaytagNmom

    1. It wasn't exactly a prop. They have instructions on how to make them,