March 17, 2013

This Week in Sewing and Selling

The highlight of the week was THIS! The Graphics Fairy chose my little zippered bag I posted the week before as her featured hand made craft. This means gobs of people click to go to either this blog or my Etsy shop. But, even before it was featured it was SOLD!

That started off my most active selling week so far. Now, I am not making a killing here. As I stated previously, the selling is mainly in order to support the sewing habit. An interesting feature of Etsy selling is knowing all the places your items are going. I have already sold coast-to-coast and in the heartland.  My favorite town name is Waccabuc! Click on the link to see the Wikipedia entry for it and some of its interesting residents. I did not sell to any of them.

I also had a repeat customer. The lovely person that bought the pictured bag came back and bought two more similar ones before I had barely listed them. I owe EVERYTHING to my inspirational Graphics Fairy and she provided the sweet image on this apron that will be listed on Etsy today.

Another little project was the cup tree I bought and showed in pieces last week. I did get it painted and put back together.
Before  and unassembled

After painted the wood with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (old white with a dash of Duck Egg)

I already know next week's blog topic. The ORIGINAL SEWING AND QUILT EXPO will be at the Cleveland I-X Center and my sewing buddy, Susan and I will be attending for two whole days. I will have a report on our experiences. Hope you'll stop by again

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  1. Well done! The bag is gorgeous. As is the apron. There's just something about vegetable pictures that I can't get enough of at the moment...