March 3, 2013

Sources and ReSources

Last week I stated how much fun it was to have this blog and post something every week. WELL, this week I have not found it so much fun because I just ran out of ideas.

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I start pondering about Wednesday and think I might have a germ, but then  forget what that germ was.  Production fell off considerably as well. Nothing was coming out right. Fabric puckered, seams misaligned, not enough fabric in the right color!

Then this morning in the shower, an idea fell on me with the water hitting my head. I always get my best ideas in the shower. Sources!  The Graphics Fairy has been my muse from the beginning and always will be, but recently I have started to acquire my own graphics.  I will in no way be real competition to the lovely Karen at Graphics Fairy, but acquisition costs and so I am going to start offering images for sale in my Etsy shop as well as finished goodies.

Sample offerings like old luggage labels

Old Photos

Retro Kitchen

The idea to sell images was already formed. I had researched how to do it with CraftHub and then it became my topic for this week's blog. Next week should be my launch so drop back and we'll see how it's going.

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