March 31, 2013

Spring Break

Due to a bad cold that drained my energy and kept me from accomplishing any new projects this week, I will be putting about the same amount of energy into this week's blog enty. This beautiful young woman will have to do. She is the cover girl on a 1914 women's magazine. April is looking to be a busy month in non-sewing areas so the whole month is looking to be slow-blogging.

March 23, 2013

Off to the Expo!

Francine is helping me out here by holding onto just one day's load of goodies acquired at Sewing & Quilt Expo I attended for two days this week.

She stayed home wearing my tablecloth apron adorned with sewing images from

The fabric choices were phenominal. Of course, this show is angled toward quilters, most of whom have fancy machines that do all the actual stitching but I found loads of inspirational fabrics to create my kind of creations.

Are you familiar with those fabric strips called Jelly Rolls? Here is a huge one.
My sewing buddy, Susan, stands by.
Well, it is pretending to be one. But really is a big piece of foam covered in a jelly roll costume! This is Pam demonstrating how to relax. The pattern is from Carol at Aunties Two. Check it out.
This is a better view of the stack at the rear left in the pic below
Found lots of current passion
This rick-rack is huge and the colors are great
This was abargain find. It is so unusual and I have some fun ideas for it. Keep up with me each week to see what happens to it.
an then there is this. I bought it in a red/blue combination last year and haven't sewn it up yet. Now I will two!
The check is on one side and the plaid is on the reverse and is it very light and airy.  Perfect for a summer tunic, maybe. I better get this all used up before next year's Expo.

March 17, 2013

This Week in Sewing and Selling

The highlight of the week was THIS! The Graphics Fairy chose my little zippered bag I posted the week before as her featured hand made craft. This means gobs of people click to go to either this blog or my Etsy shop. But, even before it was featured it was SOLD!

That started off my most active selling week so far. Now, I am not making a killing here. As I stated previously, the selling is mainly in order to support the sewing habit. An interesting feature of Etsy selling is knowing all the places your items are going. I have already sold coast-to-coast and in the heartland.  My favorite town name is Waccabuc! Click on the link to see the Wikipedia entry for it and some of its interesting residents. I did not sell to any of them.

I also had a repeat customer. The lovely person that bought the pictured bag came back and bought two more similar ones before I had barely listed them. I owe EVERYTHING to my inspirational Graphics Fairy and she provided the sweet image on this apron that will be listed on Etsy today.

Another little project was the cup tree I bought and showed in pieces last week. I did get it painted and put back together.
Before  and unassembled

After painted the wood with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (old white with a dash of Duck Egg)

I already know next week's blog topic. The ORIGINAL SEWING AND QUILT EXPO will be at the Cleveland I-X Center and my sewing buddy, Susan and I will be attending for two whole days. I will have a report on our experiences. Hope you'll stop by again

March 10, 2013

We're All Business

My new business card using a GRAPHICS FAIRY thimble

Yesterday we felt a slight stirring of spring in the air AND the sun was shining. No one who has been huddling inside for months wanted to spend another day indoors so out we went exploring some new arrivals.  The little town of Seville, Ohio has recently been developing into a real destination for antiques and shabby chic aficianados. They have been gathering for the last couple of years and now this last few months have added two brand new spots.

Seville's main intersection from inside The White Elephant Bazaar

 Like many little towns, Seville no longer has some of businesses that thrived in the town years ago, but the storefronts are filling up with names like:

Along Memory Lane
Funky Junk Boutique
The Rusty Bucket
Seville Flower and Gift
Seville Antiques
White Elephant Bazaar
Velvet's W. Main Framing
Vintage Corner

I was on the lookout for anything sewing related, thimbles, great graphics like old postcards and ephemera but the first thing I seized on in the first place we entered was a piece of Fiesta Ware. It is a cup tree in a discontinued light blue ( a color I can't resist) and I snapped it up.
I am keeping the picture small because I took it apart before taking the "before" photo and now I can't get it back together. When I get it the way I want it I will bring it back for you to see.
Check the Facebook page HERE

Annie Sloan fabric at Funky Junk Boutique. ASCP also availabel

New and old inside Seville Flower and Gifts...and it smelled great in here!
The most famous residents of Seville visit Velvet's W. Main Framing which is more than JUST a framing service
Click HERE to learn more about the Giants of Seville.

Sewing items at Along Memory Lane

The colors in this chair at Vintage Corner almost  made me buy it. The price was great if I only had somewhere to put it!
I did buy these and actually will use them in projects

Something for the guys at White Elephant Bazaar
in what was Hartman Pharmacy a long time ago
If you live anywhere in the area or will be visiting or passing through Beautiful Ohio be sure to stop by. I only mention the antques but you will also find something to eat while you are here.

AND every June the town hosts a huge yard sale. Learn more HERE. You will also find directions on how to get to Seville.

Now it's time to get back to sewing.

March 3, 2013

Sources and ReSources

Last week I stated how much fun it was to have this blog and post something every week. WELL, this week I have not found it so much fun because I just ran out of ideas.

Click on image to see more

I start pondering about Wednesday and think I might have a germ, but then  forget what that germ was.  Production fell off considerably as well. Nothing was coming out right. Fabric puckered, seams misaligned, not enough fabric in the right color!

Then this morning in the shower, an idea fell on me with the water hitting my head. I always get my best ideas in the shower. Sources!  The Graphics Fairy has been my muse from the beginning and always will be, but recently I have started to acquire my own graphics.  I will in no way be real competition to the lovely Karen at Graphics Fairy, but acquisition costs and so I am going to start offering images for sale in my Etsy shop as well as finished goodies.

Sample offerings like old luggage labels

Old Photos

Retro Kitchen

The idea to sell images was already formed. I had researched how to do it with CraftHub and then it became my topic for this week's blog. Next week should be my launch so drop back and we'll see how it's going.