October 7, 2012

The "Good Old Days"

"Everything old is new again", they say so here I am waxing nostalgic over the stuff we lived with in the fifties and the younger generation is rediscovering mid-century modern!

The lovely lady in the picture is decorating with decals. I found this on a sheet of old decals I bought at a flea market (see previous post). I sure miss those metal cabinets!  Wouldn't these look spiffy on your stainless steel fridge?


I have whipped up some aprons to wear while "decaling".

Thanks Graphics Fairy

I know this is a dangerous way to hang up aprons but it was only until I could take a photo.  I really need a model. Oh, and unless you can zoom in you will miss the words printed above the fan on the pocket. It says,  Can't stand the heat? I don't know if the younger crowd will get the reference.

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  1. I have those metal cabinets in my basement art studio. They are lemon yellow in near perfect condition. The former owners of the house moved the old kitchen cabinets to the basement and installed a new kitchen upstairs.