September 22, 2012

Travel Treasures

Country Living Fair
I've been traveling lately and brought home more stuff I couldn't live without.  My friend Susan and I drove to Columbus on Sept. 14th for the Country Living Fair.  It was a fun day trip but I can't imagine spending 3 days...yes, their were 3 day passes available.  I did come home with:

And a great wipe clean bib for my grand-daughter.
I was especially excited about the Provencal placemats.  If you love this fabric as much as I do see                       
The very next day hubby and I flew off to New York City for 5 days and 4 nights. If you want to know what else we did you can check out my travel blog at
Our first full day in NYC started with a visit to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
I collected this:

I plan to copy the decal images in my scanner. They are so retro/in right now. They got a bit messed up from being stuffed in a suitcase so I will have to clean them up a bit, too.
I saved the trip to Fashion Ave. for the very last afternoon. The first stop was M&J Trimming.  If only this store were close to home.  It was hard to know what to buy. I tried to only go for the stuff I knw I could use and not just drool over.
This shows less than half of the place
          Then it was off to MOOD! If you are a fan of Project Runway you know all about MOOD. My only photo I took turned out blurry, but it looks exactly like the show and the staff was extremely nice.  If you ever go there it is easy to miss because you have to enter a hallway from the street and then go up an elevator WITH an operator to the 3rd floor. There are stairs to the additional 4th floor level.
This is what I bought. Two yards of a heavy cotton with a little stretch. The plan is to make a tunic.

I better get busy soon.  I seem to be more eager to shop than sew!


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