November 4, 2012

Craft Show Fail

This is the way it looked all people!

Yesterday was my first real craft show and it was a bust. I got late notification and so I spent the whole month of October preparing. Not knowing what to expect, I tried to have something to please a variety of tastes so I would know the best way to go in the future. 

Little did I know that the late notification I got extended to the public who had no notification and a show that had previously drawn a large crowd had barely a trickle of attendance.  Others who have done this show before said booths were fewer and most of us bought from each other.  Luckily a table was only $30 so I made that back plus $10 but I  spent more than the $10 to help out others.  I am not in this to make a lot. I basically need to recoup some costs of materials but...

Maybe Etsy?

Well, here are a couple items for the guys. Hubby is modeling while pretending to cook. All of these sport images gleaned from the fabulous Graphics Fairy.


  1. The first show I did with a group of ladies at a "home show". Everyone did great (they had done it for years and had regulars) and I sold 1 thing and traded a papermache rabbit I had created for another artists work. I was so depressed. The next show with these ladies I SOLD OUT and another "newbie" didnt' sell. Keep at it. The more shows you do the more you learn and the more you sell. Your stuff is very cute. You'll get there. Blessings!!!

  2. I love your stuff! Maybe Etsy is the way to go. At least you don't have to set up a booth and waste a day.

  3. try try try and never ever give up!!!! I love your stuff!!!!