January 13, 2013

A Kitchen with a French Accent

This photo captured in the market of Aix-en-Provence in southern France is a favorite of mine, as was the trip that provided it.

It has become a major feature in my kitchen.
Enlarged onto a 24" x 36" canvas (thanks to Uprinting.com)
it hangs above a small desk.
Because the wall is quite large and plain it still seemed to be a bit "lost" and  I decided it needed some friends. So I went looking for plates as the solution.
My first choice was Quimper but my budget said "NO!"
I found these four in a catalog from Jefferson's Monticello  Odd that they were in a catalog pertaining to Colonial times but the description said they were of the type Thomas Jefferson "would have encountered on his trip to France"! OKAY! That's good enough for me because the were the right size, color and price and I try to 
not think about the MADE IN CHINA stamped on the back.
I did not stop the Quimper Quest however. One day while browsing our nearby Medina Antques Mall, I spied two plates at a fabulous price and latched onto them. They now live in my corner cabinet with some others found mostly on Ebay. This may become another blog topic someday.
A trip to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH in September turned up this cute little rooster who sits on top of the cabinet. (SHHH! He's made in the Philippines)

This week some new touches were added when I acquired some great Moda toweling that I wanted to display and not actually get all wet and dirty. They were changed into pillows.
The beehive and the grains image are from the wonderful GRAPHICS FAIRY and the Boulangerie one was a graphics download from Etsy. The Grain sack pillow is made from Osnaburg fabric which I love but I have ordered more of this toweling because I love it so much. Watch for some in my Etsy shop THIMBLEFINGERS.


  1. Hopped over from Graphics Fairy.....love your blog! As an educator...we have a lot in common. Hope to retire soon so I can learn to transfer images to fabric...that could be dangerously addicting though....Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  2. Don't wait! TAP paper has a very minimal learning curve and great qualities over many types of transfer papers.