January 13, 2015

Frozen Fashion for Favorite

 This was perfect winter sewing except if you actually want to wear it.  I had the pattern and some of the fabric to give my favorite granddaughter* at Christmas but since it was a last minute request there was no time to stitch it up.

*I only have ONE granddaughter!
Here is the pile of fabric which was all bought online from various sources.

The pattern was also acquired online.
I have barely left the house.

The pattern was fine except if you wanted to do those crazy appliques.  They would have taken forever and I knew any kid would prefer the sparkle of this fabric.

The fake sequin bodice fabric is also see-thru and had to be backed with the blue satin. It was surprisingly easy to stitch through. I was sure the needle would get stuck in the shiny spots.

It has been years since I used such slippery
slide-y stuff, but it went quite well overall. The only hard parts were near the end. Why are the last steps of any project always the most fiddly?

The pattern called for bias tape to finish the neckline but I thought that it would look odd with this fabric and I wanted to make sure the scratchy snowflake fabric didn't rub. I made my own bias strip from the satin and covered the whole neckline with it.  I did a pretty bad job at the top of the zipper. I know. There should be a hook and eye there.

Even the zipper color isn't the best but I was determined NOT to buy one when I have a drawer filled with at least 100 zippers!
Here is her best royal wave. More practice needed.
My backdrop needed to be wider.

Most irritating of all to sew, and probably to wear is the sleeve set in.  I have been doing so many projects where I sew that seam before closing up the side and sleeve seam that I forgot what a pain it is and this fabric tended to ravel and the silver stuff doesn't allow the fabric to fold over easily.  This was especially difficult in hemming this stuff. It is all wavery  looking. That neckline might have layed flatter if I could press it properly, but I was afraid of melting it.

 Her modeling fees are quite steep so we were rushed to get this done.  That's the excuse for not doing a better job on the hair.  Oh well, a tiara can make up for a lot!

I think she looks every inch as good as Elsa. Hope the company that starts with D doesn't think I am committing copyright crime with this little pic. I am only advertising for them and not selling.

Doubtful this will get a lot of wear, but then washing it is probably not a good idea.  Sometimes sewing is just a labor of love, all practicality aside.

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