February 9, 2015

Still Rolling Along + Sewing Hesitation

Been off the blog for a bit and the reason is I have been sewing the same thing over and over and over and....

My last post was about the jewelry roll I created and put in my Etsy shop and how it was taking off. Well, it's still going strong.  I acquired more fabric and seem to have cornered the market on it.  By the time it is all gone I will probably wish it had never been woven.

I've been doing some in another fabric I got on sale from Fabric. com.  I don't think it will have the appeal of the gray dotty stuff but it is pretty classy.

          This, like the gray, is a heavy upholstery weight with machine embroidered swirls all over it.

I may have negated the classiness of this outer fabric with the
inside fabric choices.  COVER YOUR EYES AND SCROLL DOWN.




                         The green is still a work in progress. It appears much subdued here.
  And this eye-popping purple is awaiting its completion when I get a second purple zipper. I have 2 fat quarters that somehow got in my stash and this seems a way to use them up.

Do you see how I am coordinating the inner side with the embroidery colors on the outside?  Maybe I will do a nice dull one with a gray since there is also that in the embroidery.   Somehow, I feel these will not have the action of the original gray ones.


Wish this mannequin that the fabric is draped over was my size but alas, it is only a display piece.

Now to an entirely different project - sewing for myself.  The fabric stash for that is piling up and making me feel guilty.  This is the wool knit and silk I bought back in October in Italy (see post).

As a retired school librarian spending most of my time sewing or playing around online, I don't have much occasion to wear cool stuff as much as I used to.  I still love the idea of being well-dressed but no reason if you hardly step out of the door and when you do, its in a puffy red down coat.


this spring we have scheduled a trip to London.  This fabric is dying to go with me but doesn't know how it would look best.  Several things need to be considered when choosing the design

1. I am short - very short.
2. I have very narrow shoulders but 38" hips
3. I want to keep it simple- to avoid screwing it up
4. There is not enough of the print for sleeves - too expensive
5. Most likely to be worn with navy pants
6. I want it to be interesting

  Marcy Tilton Vogue #8982 just might fill the bill. I have enough fabric. The pattern is suitable for knits and I like the seams and darts to add interest to a solid fabric. I looked for a raglan sleeve because I dislike sewing set in sleeves and they are easier for me to fit but,  they all were too sweater-like and drapey.   I have a pattern with a draped neckline that will do fine for the blouse.


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  1. How exciting you're coming to London! We'll have to meet for a cup of tea!

    Sorry for the slow reply, my illness was followed by a trip to A&E with the sproglet who needed fell and cut himself, needing stitches. It's been quite a week, sigh...