August 11, 2012

A few of my favorite things

A trip to Provence

Mas du Petit Grava  B&B


A special fabric

Fabric made in Avignon

A lucky photo
The Market in Aix-en-Provence

The paintings of Van Gogh

A very long must read for everything Van Gogh

The Graphics Fairy

check out the great stuff at

 The NY Public Library

Visit the NYPL digital collection

All of these came together to help me create something to help hold these images in one place.

I always seem to return to working with fabrics and thread and now these other visual sources have allowed me to be more personally involved with the elements of mixed media. The photos and some of the graphics were transferred to fabric with Leslie Riley TAP paper.  Some were reprinted into card stock. A few ribbons, raffia and fake lavender finished it off

 I left this a wall hanging with no frame because it was totally intuitive with no preconception of the outcome. Once I saw that the name of the French fabric manufacturer was on the salvage edge of the piece I couldn't bear to cut it off.


  1. Love the sunflowers! Blog is looking good!

  2. That is SO pretty! I totally love it. Isn't it fascinating how everyone who does collage has a diferent spin on it? The French influence here is wodnerful.