August 6, 2012

Getting Off the Ground

The look of this blog is still in the experimental stages. My daughter helped me create the look I wanted in the banner. (She's a pro!)

I chose the name of the blog because years ago I thought of it as a business name when I was heavy into hand, none of that machine stuff back then. I am now long past that time and since retiring a few years ago felt the need to make stuff again. Anything to distract me from cooking and cleaning is good.

My mother was a seamstress who could stitch up anything from a wedding dress to upholstery to doll clothes. I had the luxury of showing her a picture in Seventeen magazine (the fashion bible of teens back then) and she could magically recreate it AND in my size. Her sewing customers started giving her thimbles as gifts and that was the start of the collection I now have.

I will be posting pictures of the collection in parts. Here is the first chapter in the collecting
story. It is not the oldest group but the only one I have a really good photo of so far since I did not have to photograph through glass.

There are a few non-thimble items here but most are sewing related. The miniature chair and Tuscan houses are not but that skull in the corner really is a thimble of the non-functioning souvenir type. I collect ALL kinds.


  1. I am so exited to follow another blog of yours! Looking forward to it!

  2. Looks great!
    I'll get you into machine quilting, eventually....

  3. Wow -- this is so pretty. I've been trying to get over here all day. I saw it once and wrote you an email, but I wanted to comment here too. This is goign to be great fun and I don;t even know which end of the needle to thread.