June 23, 2013

An Elderly Friend has Moved In

A neighbor is moving away and she couldn't take her.  I felt she would be a great friend and companion to my Elna and me so we are taking in Miss Singer. She was born a model 15-91 in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1953 so she is still a little younger than me. 

She wasn't free but $50 was a mere token for the privilege of getting what I am almost sure was the same model as my mother's first machine. My dad bought it for her one Christmas and I swear that he said he paid $50 back then!

I have cleaned and oiled her but her table is a bit of a mess. And this is why I am posting her pictures on my blog this week. Could you help me make a decision about how to do a makeover on her? 

With the help of the THE GRAPHICS FAIRY and her fabulous array of images and ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT, the  easiest and prettiest paint ever, I am planning to fix her up. 
Please comment and give your opinion on how this should go. First for the images.
1. Use a frame image like this on the corners (2 or 4) to maintain a clear space in the center for a pot. ( I have lots of nice pottery)

2. Use a large centered image like this:

3. Should it be simply decorative like this:
4. Sewing related like this:

5. What color to choose. I have to stay light in order to add images. 
A. Paris Grey

B. Old Ochre

C. Versailles

D. Cricket


E. None of the above. Leave it alone in all its grungy glory.

Please leave your opinions in a comment. Just list the numbers and letters that apply or you can write me a whole essay on why this is wonderful or pointless!


  1. I like the frame idea. If not a frame something more geometric in the middle to echo the design on the sewing machine.

  2. I like the corner frames with Cricket color!

  3. I vote for Cricket and images 2 and 4. I love the sewing machine!

  4. I'm about to complicate things! I like image four with the spool of thread, but I don't like it with any of the colors unless maybe my monitor is showing them wrong. It looks like the background of the image is a cream color. Yes?

    1. The #4 image was more of a type (sewing) than the actual image I may choose. There are lots of different spool images available. Not to worry :)