June 9, 2013

This and That

 This week's post has no central theme, just a gathering of little stuff that filled my week. First came the clean-up. After numerous projects the fabric stash had exploded. The carpet has become multi-colored with thread ends and fabric fluff plus old stains of an unknown source.

 It usually takes a fire under me to get into a cleaning/organizing spree and this time it was a tornado! Not here - the one in Oklahoma. As I watched news coverage, I though WWID - What would I do?
We have a basement so, of course, I'd  go into it. But what else goes besides other humans in the house at the time. Having no pets, I realized how I wouldn't like all the important papers to blow to the next county. I'd grab the purse and hubby's wallet and then there is this file drawer in the sewing room. But it's not so easy to grab. However, at some point we put a large 3 drawer file cabinet in the basement and it has NOTHING in it.
So I moved all the important papers to that file cabinet. Now I have a whole empty file drawer to put patterns, transfer papers and other flat stuff. 

The drawer above the file was filled with obsolete computer and electrical wires, cinnections and hardware. OUT!
Now it is the home of interfacings and battings.
The tall narrow cupboard was made for three pullout shelves for CD's and DVD's. I used it to stuff all manner of junk into, but now it houses stacking boxes of notions and some of my ribbons. Phwew!
But I'm not done yet.


Then after the floor was cleared it was obvious NOW was the time to get the carpet cleaned. Wish I had a pic of the guy and the giant hose that came and took all the filth out of here. Now I have to keep it clean. I love my Elna and my used serger so to keep them dust free, I clothed them. How do you like their new outfits adorned mostly with images from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY? 

On Friday I drove to my sewing machine service store to pick up 15 genuine metal Elna bobbinsthat I ordered.  The metal ones I have been bought and given do not fit and I really do NOT like the plastic ones. I also had asked about a walking foot. For a non-sewist this may sound ridiculous - don't all feet walk?!  Also a button-hole attachment. The Elna CAN make buttonholes but not as easy as with an attachment. I was excited to try them out and it is a good thing I did because neither one really fits my machine. I can't get the walking foot on and the buttonholer leaves NO SPACE to get the fabric under it because I have to use a cover for the feed dog (another silly term). I have to go back. The owner said to bring my machine and she will make sure it fits this time.

But all was not lost with the price of gas for the 40 minute drive. I learned that I was only five minutes from a decorator fabric store I had gone to before and picked up samples scraps for cheap. Well, they moved all the scrap to the back of the store and they are going to throw them out. I rescued half of the box. Now where to neatly store it (hmmm).

But that is not all I got for free. The left turn signal bulb had burned out on my car and I was really nervous driving without it. I considered hand signaling, but I'm not sure anybody knows anymore what they mean and someone might just think I was making rude gestures! So I pulled into a Goodyear Tire place that I saw near the highway and inquired about the fix. The guy came out and took off the tail light assembly to check what bulb he needed and proceeded to replace it AT NO COST!!  Thanks, GOODYEAR!

Watch this blog next week for a real hand sewn wardrobe extravaganza with:

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