July 21, 2013

Erie Inspiration

 An invitation to spend the afternoon at a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie prompted me to make this pillow as a housewarming gift. If I had been in a thoughtful mood a bit earlier than the night before I would have done a
 better job and used a nice piping edge of even have made one pillow with the anchor (image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy) and a second pillow using the lighthouse fabric instead of just this one with no wrong side!
I grew up not very far from the location of this cottage and although I wasn't lucky enough to live right on the lake, I was near enough to spend a lot of time on its small beaches and cliffs. I attribute my good sense of direction
on the fact that I was always able to orient myself to the lake as north.
I found myself spending much of my time there pointing my camera at the water, rocks, plants and sky instead of sitting on their great cliff side gazebo sipping wine and chatting.
The Lake Erie waters are not comparable to the fabulous colors of some waters I have visited like:
From aloft in Key West, Florida

Early morning in Tolo, Greece

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Bermuda Beach
But these beautiful places are not embedded in my memories of childhood nor are they within easy striking distance.
Texture and color
In the coming days I am hoping to use some of these images directly or indirectly in creating some more of my fabric creations.
Since we had an hour ride home, we left before sunset. This was our last view.
When we got near home and stopped for gas and turned to the west, this was our view.
Now, I regret not wanting to drive home in the dark. This must have been spectacular over the lake without signs.
Question: Are you attracted to water?  Where? Please comment.
If you find any of these pictures interesting, you might want to visit my photos on Panoramio which maps the locations on Google Earth. Click here for more.


  1. I really like that your pillow is not piped and tailored. Beach cottages should be soft, relaxed and comfy, and your pillow says all of those things. It's perfect:)

  2. I LOVE this -- the pillows, the stories, the beautiful photos and all the memories of the islands where we've had such a good time. Luvky you to grow up near the the greatest Great Lake.