July 28, 2013

Sewing Machine Woes

 Due to unforeseen circumstances, my blog this week is very short. I spent most of today (my regular blogging day) driving 142 miles to pick up a different sewing machine and returning the 142 miles. Pretty unproductive, but the bonus was getting to see and have lunch with my daughter.

The machine is one I gave her for Christmas two years ago.  I asked to borrow it  back because my Elna (below) is acting up. She had a spa treatment back in April and all was fine but I decided to do some of the fancy stitches with the cams the other day and NOW she won't even ZIG-ZAG!!

The nice guy who halped me out two weeks ago with a new needle plate (used but fine) took a look and had no quick fix and I will have to leave it with him for at least a week. Waaaaah!  So I called daughter and she who basically only hems,  agreed to loan it if I came and got it. No problem. I like to drive and it got me out of cooking all day.

So here is the Baby Lock Creative Pro which I have been eager to sew on and run through its fancy stitches.  I am making little bags of various kinds for some craft shows and I wanted some small inexpensive items that did not require fitting into someone's decor. 

 Selecting the colors and patterns is the most fun. The insides are really fun to play around with on these that zip up.
I should be able to make a few hundred with all this stash. Only a small amount of each fabric is required. The hard part is finding the right zippers for the "taco shell" bags.  Excuse the bad ipad photo. It is getting late. 
I will probably put some of these in my Etsy shop eventually.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Elna. You wore her out! I guess your mom put a few miles on her, too. The Babylock is exactly like my small Brother, except the color. It sews great! I love your bags!