August 18, 2013

A Day on the Street

Yesterday was a sunny day that you could sing about.
This summer has had some pretty bad weekends and a lot of rain overall, but I got lucky and The Seville Art Walk was on this day.  This is a small town three miles from me that is becoming a great little hub of antiques and cool little shops.  Last year was the first for the event and it fell on the ONLY day it rained all summer. It was so awful I didn't even mention it on my then new blog. 
I stepped it up this year to a canopy and a fun pennant banner for a sign.
 Here is the setting up. The banner letters are courtesy of THE GRAPHICS FAIRY. The ladder goes from being a set up helper to a display piece later.

I was permitted to span the sidewalk and everyone had to pass through. It made all the men duck a little though!


The ladder as display. I splatter painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and call it my Monet ladder.

  1. The vendor next to me displayed her glass flower garden ornaments in the flowery patch we both enjoyed. These are so cool and they have "stems" that allow you to turn the glass horizontally to make a bird bath.

Around the corner and all over the main intersection were other cool vendors and shops who I had little opportunity to visit. Too bad, but over all I did pretty well for such a small event which may grow each year.  Visit Seville HERE. And  thanks to Michelle at Funky Junk Boutique on Facebook or HERE
Challenge: How many Graphics Fairy images can you find in these photos?


  1. Oooh, how exciting. How did your stall do? It looks beautiful. I love the sign...

  2. I did OK. not great but I have another in two weeks. I just need to support my habit....sewing!