August 25, 2013

Evolution of the Sewing Room

I've been seeing lots of interesting blog posts and Pinterest pins lately about where you do your sewing and so I am adding another one to the mix.  My space has been evolving ever since moving into this house almost 12 years ago. This room would have been a dining room but I never intended it to be one. Notice the chair rail the builder put in by mistake. I didn't ask for it.

NOTE: I did not put the casters on either of these pieces as I am barely five foot tall and they added two unwanted inches. Perhaps I should add the casters to ME!
For the first years it was known as the computer room because when I was working as a school librarian I needed it for lesson planning and research and communication. But NOW it has almost been completely transformed into a sewing room.                                                                                                                                                                                            :

When I recently acquired my new sewing machine I got the new table (see here ) . Immediately after getting this all set up, Joann Fabrics offered this "ironing center" at a great price. I love that it has storage.

The large surface serves as my cutting board when I place my large mat on top and I can move around three sides of it making it easier.
If you sew apparel this large rectangle with no pointed end probably won't work for you. I have to get out the old ironing board to do my clothes.
Another  down side was the ridiculously inadequate ironing cover. It came with a thin piece of that shiny silver stuff with a pad of foam about 1/8 inch thick. I was sure it would melt! Since the surface is solid without holes as are most conventional boards, a better padded and heat reflecting/surface was necessary. First a thin cotton batting then a quilted heat reflecting layer. The next is the thin wimpy cover with a nice cord and toggle for tightening and finally the aqua and white polka-dot to dress it up.


styrofoam packing from the box the sewing table came in. It's so light I can hang it with just a ribbon.

 Now, I really got on a roll...literally with this ribbon organizer. It was on sale for 1/2 off. Problem is I still have all of this:
 And then there is THIS!
As I said, it is an evolution.
Next weeks blog post will be late. I am doing an artsy/craftsy show. If you live in northern Ohio check it out.
It is being held at a winery so I am madly producing wine related items.

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