September 2, 2013

A Day at the Winery


And I didn't drink a drop!

Yesterday was spent all day at an outdoor arts & craft show in the town I grew up in. Avon Lake, Ohio  is right along the shores of Lake Erie.
This picture was taken during some brief moments of sunshine throughout the day that was heavily mixed with gray clouds and occasional rain showers that were thankfully brief , but added to the humidity. All day I was wet from either sweat, rain, or both.
Here are some of the vendors setting up. It looks a bit gloomy.


A tasteful and attractive booth with local appeal on the left and below some items similar to mine.

Now this is my little emporium for the day. You will notice that I am a bit more "scattered" than the above examples.  My "adult attention deficit disorder" means that I like a variety of projects. There are fabric collages, aprons, zip bags, clutch bags/wallets, pot holders, towels, table runners, bibs, pillows and wine bottle bags  all in this one space. All the items are fabric and sewn so that is the theme to keep it from looking like a garage sale.

The yellow jug in the lower left is filled with water. It is duct-taped to the canopy support for stability. There is one at each corner. Luckily it didn't get wind tested.

Financially I did pretty good and now have more money to buy more fabric and on and on we go.
And it is true...not a drop to drink. I was too busy and actually I don't like wine much, but those grapes in the first picture look and smell divine. I might have tasted if I knew that they weren't sprayed with insecticide.
Credits to Jen Kopf who organized VineArts and to John Christ Winery and may we all meet again next year.


  1. Your booth looks great; very professional. So glad you did well. Maybe I'll join you next year!