September 16, 2013

Mastering the Seam Ripper

Another week of posting a day late. Maybe it is becoming so regular as to be normal. Also becoming a regular thing is the heavier use  of my seam ripper.

Some of my favorite tools. The ribbons help me find them when I lay them down somewhere. The pen is a Frixion pen that erases with heat.

I used to have difficulty with it and would generally revert to just pointy little scissors. Lately some of my projects have been giving me such fits that practice is making perfect. Too bad the sewing isn't perfect.

Here is what I mean:
I have been making these great foldover wallet/purse organizers. I have completed quite a few of them that I sold at two shows and are now in my ETSY SHOP. But just when I was really getting into it and able to work more quickly the whole thing went cock-eyed. I mean literally cock-eyed. I failed to take a photo before I wielded the seam ripper because I never thought it would be a blog topic so this photo is a reasonable facsimile of what would happen when zipped it up.

On the right is the item I
am making from the book
Zakka Style by Rashida

I made my own paper pattern
as I really hate to constantly measure all the time.
I am cutting very carefully and I am NOT rounding off those corners until the very last when I sew on the binding. I even BASTED the zipper on which did make the machine sewing go a bit easier. I don't care what anyone says, sewing zippers can be a real pain in the butt! This application is especially tricky and as in most instructions it is glossed over quickly.

Here it is finished and it is better but I am not completely happy with the binding. 

 But on the up side, I am happy, happy, happy with some of the new fabrics I have added to the stash. Take a look at these greeny-yellow, gray and white. The bottom two are House & Garden Cloud 9 organic cottons from Joann Fabrics. What a surprise to find them there and just when I had some 60% off coupons!
 The fabric with the pod shapes was ordered from JennSki for Moda from the designers Etsy Shop. I had a fat quarter I had snagged somewhere and used it all up.
AND then frustrations aren't enough. Blogger gave me all kinds of fits today while posting. I had to upload the pictures several times because they would disappear on me!!! I really love sewing and computers but maybe I just need a nap today.



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