September 9, 2013

Getting Older - Thimbles and People

The view I miss so much. Taken at Memorial Park at the nothern end of State Rt. 83. If you have ever lived here you know exactly where it is.
 I was back again in Avon Lake, Ohio this weekend (see previous  post about the artsy/crafty thing) but for an entirely different purpose. It was the 50th year since graduating from high school and again our friends all gathered to rekindle old friendships and reminisce. I know many people say they hate reunions or would NEVER go to one, but I must say that the class of 1963 has been great every time it has met and we have done it every five years. Well, the credit goes to the classmates who still live in town and work very hard to put it on and the rest of us just enjoy ourselves and thank them profusely so they will do it again! Word going around was that they wouldn't do it again until the 75th!! See my Facebook page if you want more about the reunion. Friend me if you were a graduate of ALHS.

And now to some more old stuff. I recently acquired more additions to my thimble collection and I think these are very special.
 It is  more about the containers than the thimbles. They are shown here with a
larger size wooden spool (I have a lot of those) for scale.A  metal thimble nestles on mossy green velvet on the left and the opposite side is lined with a red textured fabric rimmed with itsy-bitsy rick-rack. More about the green bullet shape in a moment.

Above is a closeup of the texture.

I love the little chain. So handy for lugging it around!

Here is the bullet. I don't think it is Bakelite. I did that rub test and smelled nothing. The gold trim is just pressed in and painted. No metal there.

 The innards are composed of a nice shiny metal thimble which appears silver but not REAL silver.

My favorite part is the spooly thing which the thimble sits over when inside. Would it have been used to wrap some thread around? These shaped items are usually needle cases. I guess you could toss in one or two.

If you know anything about these items such as age or what that bullet case is made from please leave a comment.

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