June 13, 2014

A Wasted Week...for the most part

I spent more time with the seam ripper than the sewing machine this week.

My first big letdown was when I stopped in at a Joann Fabrics that is not one of the usual two larger Joann stores that I frequent.  As soon as I walked in I saw a nice display of printed knits and BOOM
there was this fabric.

I just whipped this little drapey cardigan after I returned from my trip to New York City where I  found it at Mood for $10 a yard and was very pleased with myself.  Well, there it was at Joanns for $5 a yard!  My guess is that the manufacturer way overproduced this and its going to be everywhere.

I don't usually visit this particular store because it is smaller than most stores and tends to cater quite a bit to the Amish and Mennonite that populate the area.  Bet they won't be grabbing this up.

GRRRRRR.  Has this happened to you?  Do you feel ripped off?

But the $5 a yard was too good to pass up and I bought this eye-crossing print. 

It looks great with this heavier weight charcoal knit. I am "taking" an on-line Craftsy class in how to make your own patterns from ready-to-wear and I may copy a top I have with this.

Some failures were just so dumb.  Little bags for my Etsy shop are usually a snap, but for some reason I seemed to get everything cock-eyed and crooked.  Top-stitching also gave me fits.

This is the only decent production for the week.
Love the way it matches the one climatis bloom.  There are a zillion buds that haven't opened yet. 
                              It has a recessed zipper. The lining color photographed way too bright. 
A matching zipper bag with lace and a bike on the other side

My plan is to make more stuff from this till the fabric is gone.  I have done this with other fabrics lately and have come up with some nice coordinating pieces and when its gone, its GONE which will help cut down on the fabric overflow.  And speaking of fabric overflow... 
A trip to Target today was rewarded with more storage.  I had those two shelves side by side and they were spilling over.  This cute little glass-doored cabinet was marked way down for clearance and they even gave me another 10% off for a mar in the finish. Even better, I did NOT have to assemble it.  

      I simply set one of the cases on top of it. Now I don't have to crouch down to see all my thread. Several bags of scraps were sacrificed because this is not ALL of the fabric in this room. Everything looks pretty organized...for now.

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