June 22, 2014

Sewing Small

Sunny days call for sunny colors.  I made this little sundress for my granddaughter mostly from very small pieces of fabric. I had plenty of the lollipop flower fabric (Cloud9 organic cotton) but the others were limited. They were fat quarters from Pink Castle Stash Club. 
Can you see the way I had to piece the border on the hem?  Most people won't because she rarely stands still. It was really hard to get her to consent to pose but I think she worked it like a pro once we got started.

This was created with no pattern. I just had some simple measurements. I did not have a fitting until a week or so after completion when she visited for a weekend. Turns out that the bodice was too wide and gapped terribly under the arms. I had not yet attached the straps so I took a tuck on each side of the back opening and covered them with the wide straps. The straps also had to be moved in slightly which was easy since I had only attached them at the front with buttons.

There is only one pocket because I wanted to use the tiny scrap of turquoise piping I had leftover from another project and it was only enough for one pocket. I like the touch of asymmetry.

The back opening got a little wonky and I need to sew down the side openings of those straps. Right now they are kind of like big belt loops.  I actually had these 3 orange buttons and the 2 turquoise flower buttons on hand. I picked them up on sale ages ago with no idea what I was going to do with them.  I just love these colors together and I may try to wear more of this combo myself.

                               Grandson was feeling left out so I had to make something for him.
This leftover monkey face knit with some flaws in it was the perfect thing for sleep shorts since he had come without any PJs.  They took 20 minutes from cutting to wearing. Without pattern, I just sketched with a Frixion pen on the wrong side of the fabric. The length was determined by the amount of fabric and I made them large so I could just trim them off on the serger. A piece of elastic in a follower top holds them up and they were declared "really comfy".

Hers were my first serger garment.  Neither of these is made from "approved" fabric. Every fabric I see has NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN'S SLEEPWEAR stamped on it.

Will I be arrested?

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