July 27, 2014

Final NYC post...for now

 The quilt is done. The first one I have made since the 70's when all quilting was done by hand. My previous post shows my start and how I just wanted to jump in and make these fun blocks, but then...
 I had no idea how I was going to put them together. Originally I thought that using the yellow taxis on black fabric would make great sashing but after some discussion with a quilter friend and others I settled on a more subtle arrangement with gray. I did include one little taxi on the front. Can you find it?
 Mimic-ing streets, I quilted two lines of gray quilting and a yellow line down the centers. I'm not happy with the rippling, but considering my lack of foresight the thing is not (IMHO) horrible.

Here is the back where I included more of the rushing taxis and the I (heart) NY logo.
My favorite thing is the binding.  I didn't have enough of any one fabric so I pieced a bunch into narrow strips and then cut them on the diagonal to create bias. 

 But I still had some bits and pieces left so...
A pillow pair (front)
                                                        Back of smaller pillow
                                        Closeup of snap detail on back of larger pillow
                                                 These are now in my Etsy shop

Now I am getting really busy sewing up all kinds of things for a little craft fair in August.  This stair rail is right outside my sewing room and this is how it looked in January.
I have now started using the blue bag myself but the enormous dot bag is still there buried under some of the many others I have made.

Sometimes I am asked what I make when people hear that I sew.  Pretty much anything. I have a low boredom threshold.


  1. that quilt is beautiful. love all your stuff

  2. The NYC quilt is great, I love the pillows too.