September 5, 2014

Fabric Obsessions and Me Made Clothing Project

I found this fabric at Joann's the other day and it was even ON SALE! I don't sew a lot of clothing but  when I see something as great as this I can't resist.

IT'S REVERSIBLE! And dots and stripes together just really turn my sewing "hormones" on.

 I have made this pattern before but wasn't completely happy with it.  Then while poking around yesterday at my nearby outlet mall I came across this sweater.

I like the way it folds back more at the front drape than my previous pattern did.

SO, I bought it.

BUT, only for a while.  It's going back to where it cam from very soon.

AFTER I pirate the front panel!

This is the pattern I'm using, sort of.  I'm a sucker for patterns that include
loads of pieces...especially when they go on sale.

 I took a large piece of the pants pattern which I don't intend to use and attached it to the original sweater pattern.

 I simply laid out the store-bought sweater front
over it and traced around it.  I know that a real expert would have been more particular about this but I have found knits to be pretty forgiving.

The thinner  part is the neck extension. I didn't like the way the original had you pleat up a bunch of fabric at the neck back.  This one is going to be
simpler and less bulky.

 Now see this sleeve? I would probably wear it
rolled like this because my arms are really short and even petites hang over my knuckles.

But look at it unrolled
There is a hole in the knit which could run AND that seam is not very nice either.

I had considered hanging onto it since the price wasn't terrible BUT, the fabric least for me.

It's a rayon (60%) polyester (40%) blend which after having it on for only a short while produced a moist feeling.  I tend to "moistness" and prefer cottons and other natural fibers.

All afternoon was spent cutting this out.  It shouldn't be that hard but I bought 2 yard and was determined to get the top (view C)  out of this fabric as well.

Keep following me as I take a sewing journey and a real journey.  This top and sweater along with a pair of RTW pants in my closet are going to be my overnight flight to Italy outfit next month.  I am so excited.  After I return you may want to stop by my other blog to see how it all went.

Note:  I cannot start sewing on this until MONDAY when a replacement presser foot for my serger should arrive. My serger went CLUNK like Peter's of MPB so I referred back to how he handled it. NOT, the same problem but discovered that when the presser foot was removed NO CLUNK!

See that tiny little tooth-like thing in the opening of the foot. It's bent down a bit and apparently hits a moving part when operating.  I have no idea how I managed this and hope a new foot is the answer! I don't suppose all those skid marks should be there either.

1. Do you buy RTW to copy and the return?
2. Have you ever managed to BEND a presser foot?

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