September 25, 2014

Serger Fix + Results

Black is a birch to photograph. See the fabric in the next photo.
Well, it has been awhile since my last post when I was ready to sew up the top and sweater combo on my serger.   Well, if you saw that post you saw that the serger had a major problem. A new presser foot was acquired quickly but the problem went much deeper.  I managed to bend the shaft. I took it to Jim "Doc" Watson in Medina and he fixed me up and gave me a few warnings to be kinder to the machine and to use serger needles.  I will be kinder and I will TRY some serger needles when I get them.
Sewing apparel is not my passion.  I like making almost anything else in fabric but hate fitting and I am not the patient type who has EVER made a muslin. I make a few adjustments for my narrow shoulders and lack of height and that's that.

I did sew this up with no problem.  This is going to be my travel outfit for an overnight flight to Italy next week.  I wanted something that would basically feel like pajamas and I think I achieved it. 

 The fabric is reversible so I wanted to make this drapey cardigan that can show both sides.  The dotted side is barely discernible from any distance so I chose to show off the slightly neon stripey side.                
 Here is the princess seam top where I used the dots in the center and stripes on the sides.  It could be a little more fitted, but then again, I was going for comfort.

This is the first time for selfies.  I set up the camera on a tripod and used the timer. It felt weird and odd to smile so I look pretty glum and didn't take time for make-up and hair a la Project Runway.

The fold above my butt is not the patterns fault. I just should have straightened it out.

And here it is with one of the scarves to jazz it up.  I prefer this to jewelry when traveling.  
BTW, those pants are RTW from Macy's and I got them at a great price and best of all they are marked SHORT and they actually ARE. No hemming even for sub 5" me. I am no sewing purist.

I have been reading a ton of sewing blogs  staring with Peter's Male Pattern Boldness  and branching off from his list and I am really impressed by the great creations from all of them (especially Oonaballona)

I would maybe try some of those darling dresses if my lifestyle of a retired school librarian in small town Ohio offered up occasions to wear them.  

However, I may be inspired to try a jacket or coat.  When in Rome at the end of our tour I plan to visit 
-Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti on Via Vittorio Emanuael II, 73 is one of Rome’s largest fabric stores and also the fabric source for many Italian clothing and interior designers. Opened in 1954 by two brothers, the store is on two floors with double-height ceilings. It holds 200,000 fabrics in any color, shade and texture, distributed in a labyrinth of rooms and layers of rolls of fabric.
 I copied this from Design Sponge

Maybe a nice Italian wool to get me through another Ohio winter.


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