October 27, 2014

OH, NO! I did it again!

Yes, I did it again. I broke my serger. I had recently gotten it repaired because I forced a way too thick  pile of fabric through it and paid the price to my very nice repairman, "Doc" Watson and then a few days ago I was working on some new items for my Etsy shop which involve lots of ruffles and I failed too extract a hidden pin in the three layers. BAM! A piece of metal flew into the air and all sewing ceased.  See new blades on left and obviously the old on the right.

"Doc" is out of town for awhile and I was too embarrassed anyway to admit my stupidity so I hopped over to Ken's Sewing Center (sorry Doc) and found exactly the blades I needed and they arrived today.

The manual is very vague about replacing the knives. Like many instructions, they dwell on the obvious while skimping on the tricky parts.

I read what I could find online about the process and one suggestion was to take photos before I removed anything. Great advice if you haven't already leaped into the abyss.

The first problem is that I cannot SEE the lower knife in the picture AND failed to note how it came off the machine. So I had it backwards. Luckily I prevented anymore catastrophes by making sure the serger was unplugged and I only moved the wheel SLOWLY by hand until all was in order.

The instructions also recommends adjusting the "clearance between the upper and lower knife to between 0.5mm and 1.0mm". Wah?  How? 

After about an hour I succeeded and feel very proud of myself and relieved that I won't have to face the pity and expense of "Doc" and I can get back to work before he gets back to work.

This is what I have been working on:

I decided that my Etsy shop could use some stuff for the kids and if they don't sell my granddaughter could wear them. I love doing the edged hems and gathering on the serger and the most fun is playing with all the patterns and colors in my fabric stash.

Now my next problem is how to photograph them.  Granddaughter lives an hour away and when I do  get her over here she isn't always in model mode.  For the purpose of the blog I plopped them over the neck of Francine, my adult display mannequin, which looks pretty weird.

 I also made little bags/purses out of the scraps which I think makes them more desirable.  In fact I did my second of only two craft shows that I do each year and one of these sets (not shown here) was the ONLY sale I made ALL DAY!!!*#@!*
The reasoning among all the sellers who were also bummed was that the weather turned out so great that day that everyone stayed home to rake leaves or found a more fun outdoor activity. We will never know for sure.
Its a good thing I do this for fun and not profit. I just support the habit...hopefully.

I have got to find a child size mannequin or a cooperative nearby kid.  Maybe Craigslist? Is that too creepy?

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