November 4, 2014

Ruffle Riot and a Reluctant Model

The serger is well and I have done nothing to jeopardize it this week. (see previous post) I am using pins MUCH more sparingly.  I used to avoid ruffles because of the tedious thread pulling, but with the soft gathering setting on the serger they are quick and easy.  The rolled edge makes the ruffles soft and flowy.  So I made some more of these skirts.  I love putting the color and print combinations together.

We were having the grand kids over for the weekend so I spent ALL day Friday with this pattern.

I am a big fan of patterns with lots of options and this one fits the bill. You get a sweater, two shirt versions, leggings and a skirt. And I made them all.

The cardigan is my favorite but I made it in polka dot instead of the solid.  I found this Riley Blake knit online somewhere and if I could remember I would tell you.

Darling grand-daughter proved to be her typical 3-year-old self and had to be sweet talked into even putting this on.
                     She really liked the purple shirt which was purchased and the leggings.

The pink ruffle and the flower pin on the cardigan were repurposed from an 18 month size tutu that ended up at my house.

I got the matching t-shirt on her for a short spell.  After the photo-shoot I re-serged the 
shoulder seams for a better fit.

I did a really bad job on the zipper because I did not read everything before I started and didn't
even realize it called for one. Bad me.  I think a zipper in a knit with a neck this large is totally unnecessary.

This is her favorite picture.

The her brother had to get into the act and really hammed it up.

                                       Turns out she REALLY wants a purple skirt and being a good grandma, I will be searching out the right shades of purple to go with that polka-dot purple shirt before their next visit.   Like on real models, the  skirt has been "fitted" by pinning out the extra inches in the back.                        

I wasn't done with the pattern.  I made the color-blocked shirt and another pair of leggings.

But,  they look like pajamas so that is what they are going to be.

                    AND I did not put in a zipper and there is oodles of head room.

And then I made another ruffled skirt.  I really like the way the knit makes the extra ruffly lettuce edge.
                 Do you like to sew for kids?  Do THEY like what you sew?

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