April 12, 2015

Snake Eyes + A Jacket Muslin

New Embroidery Machine - bad photo
When I bought a new sewing machine about two years ago, I was sure I had all the bells and whistles that I needed. My Janome (did you know Ja No Me means SNAKE EYES!) even has an automatic thread cutter.

However, I have been making all manner of items for my Etsy shop and just this last January fell upon the item to make the shop really begin to pay off. SEE HERE.  Many of these are being purchased as bridesmaid gifts and the brides keep asking if they can be monogrammed and I have to say "NO".

Many of them have still proceeded to purchase them and I have brought in more revenue on these than I did for a whole of 2014. So when I attended the Cleveland Sewing and Quilt Expo a few weeks ago I checked the embroidery machines out. And I brought one home the first day.  The dealer had an offer that I literally could not refuse without feeling stupid.

It is another Janome and besides the offer,  I really like that its controls and accessories are interchangeable and very similar so moving back and forth between machines is effortless and less taxing to my aging brain.

I have have to learn more about acquiring the fonts and some editing software to be able to offer more choices and I will be lettering all over the place.  The cool thing with these machines is that once you have it all set up, it sews on its own. I can step over to my other machine and work on something else while it does its thing.

Other things might include working on that jacket I have been planning since I bought the fabric in Rome.

Here it awaits its transformation draped over Francine, my mannequin.

I am taking on the red wool knit first in Vogue 8982 jacket by Marci Tilton. My last post was about Marcie's sister Katherine's zipper-trimmed shirt.
I have another trip planned and want to be able to
have the jacket, at least.

 For the first time in my life I made a muslin...well, a half-muslin. Since this knit is thicker and pretty stable I felt it was alright to use a woven (old bed sheet) for my trial. Shoulder fit is always the problem for me. So that is all I am concentrating on.

The markings were made while on me. Francine's
shoulders are much wider. I will trim this and adjust
the pattern and I am keeping my fingers crossed
that I have a better fit.

The pattern is very interesting and that is why I chose it but,  due to the sort of wrap-around back/side piece, I will not be able to sew the sleeve before the side seam as I usually do with a knit. A real set-in sleeve is on the agenda. Wish me luck. Should I embroider my initials on the inside?
Oh, and that snake eyes thing! Wikipedia explains:
The name "Janome" (蛇の目) literally means "snake's eye" and was taken from the appearance of the latest bobbin design. At the time of brand establishment in 1935, the round bobbin system was the more advanced technology replacing the traditional long shuttle type. As the new round bobbin looks like a snake's eye, Janome was chosen as the company's name.[


  1. Your embroidery looks great! Good job.

  2. What a wonderful machine! Those initials look so smart, it's a brilliant bridesmaid present...

    Really pleased your Etsy shop is doing so well this year.