February 3, 2013

Key West Break

We took off for Key West, Florida last week but thimbles and sewing were never completely off my mind EXCEPT when we did this! About 10 to 15 years ago we had a day in Key West and I remembered a cool  place with hand-printed fabrics. I googled it and came up with a directory address but no website. Here is why.

It has been closed for about four years I was told and had not done hand-printing for a time before that.
I was really disappointed but I was directed to another place by a woman in a cute little interior design/art shop to a place she thought I might like. Hubby was, of course, thrilled to wend our way off the tourist track to 1103 Truman Ave. He actually visited a ratty pawn shop nearby rather than look at the gorgeous printed fabrics.
The Seam Shoppe
My purchases
I got a great piece of linen in one of my favorite colors and a selection of prints plus some cool buttons and two RUBBER thimbles. One to wear and one to display.
The turquoise one is rubber. I got one with Harry on it at the Harry Truman Little White house and at the upper left is a gold one from a very tiny little antique shop. The upper right is one I have had for awhile.
I also picked up a very nice wooden button to finish off the back of a pillow I just completed. This is the back and here is the front.

I wanted a silhouette of an elephant and I scoured the images from The Graphics Fairy and printed out the elephant and traced around it. It looks entirely different but The Graphics Fairy always comes through for me.
These pillows are available at my Etsy shop CherylThimbleFingers.


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