February 11, 2013

Thimble Fever

I slacked off again this week and didn't create a whole lot but decided to write about thimbles this week. I just love these tiny objects and for the most part they are useful.  Germany, Austria and Switzerland were my greatest thimble hunting grounds. The German word for thimble is FINGERHUT. I was told to pronounce it "finger hoot".
In Ireland they called it a TIMBLE, no TH blend sound.

I did get out my Lesley Riley TAP paper, though and using the Graphics Fairy image which has become my logo I put it
onto a nice deep aqua fabric. I "framed it with a simple 12"  embroidery hoop, trimmed it with pinking shears and added a big black grosgrain bow. The edge got a banding of thin balck grosgrain as well.
If I had a store I could hang it as a sign.  I guess it will just hang out in my computer/art/sewing room that I have started to refer to as THE SHOP.
Blue is my favorite color so these little charmers are among my favorites. The one on the upper left is especially nice as it is a Meissen that I bought in a Meissen shop in Germany. It has a much more matte surface than the picture shows and has the Meissen crossed swords mark inside.
The windmill on the upper right was purchased in...you guessed it,  Holland. On the lower right is a Royal Copenhagen from Denmark and is marked Lindnet Mulfs Bavaria.
I haven't made a big study of thimbles as I like them just for what they are, but I do own this book which hasn't been cracked open in awhile.
I would love to hear from anyone else out there who has hoarded these and why. My "why" is spelled out in my first blog entry HERE. Also, do you know the word for thimble in other than German?
If you like your thimbles big, go to Toronto, Canada  The wikipedia article on thimbles shows this huge one atop some mammoth buttons.


  1. Oh, I know what you can do with your sign for the shop you don't have. It will be the sign for the CRAFT SHOWS you will be doing. That is, the GOOD craft shows you will be doing! :-)

  2. Good thought! Just need to find the show. Last year's fail sent a nice letter of apology recently along with encouragement to try next Oct. when they will fix all the problems and offer me a cheaper rate. It was already cheap so I could get more space.

  3. Cheryl, this is so sweet! I have just found a thimble (just a regular metal one) in the sewing box I inherited from my grandmother. It brought back so many memories of her her darning my Granddads socks! I think I will be using that lovely graphic for a project for my sewing/craft room!

  4. You have a nice collection of Thimbles!

    Juliëtte xxx

  5. I love this thimble. How did you translate the image to the cloth? I embroidery and think how beautiful that would be on my wall. I collect thimbles, not a lot, but where I or others have been such as South Africa, Poland, Ireland, different states, etc.