May 20, 2013

Button, Button

Thimbles are "my thing". But with just a little encouragement I could be tempted to go overboard and start accumulating buttons. Not that I don't have a lot of buttons now. Here is my grandmother's-then-mother's button box.


 It used to be loaded with mostly old individual button that appeared to be cut from clothing before it was discarded. Not many were outstanding or interesting. Now I have thrown in an assortment of newer buttons on cards which are much more easily browsed instead of sifting to see how many like ones are in the mix.
More than the buttons, I love the metal round can itself. The basket-weavy looking surface is embossed into the metal and it has acquired many dings, dents and worn spots over the years. For so long, I had really ignored the picture and if someone had asked me what it was I wouldn't have been able to think of anything but the colors. Now I look at it with a more appreciation.

A few years ago my twenty-something daughter sifted through and pulled out most of the loose brightly colored buttons and proceeded to make herself a belt. She laboriously sewed each onto a heavy woven belting. It is a bit tricky to get it through belt loops on her jeans but not nearly so hard as the won she bought made with BOTTLE CAPS!
Recently an organization I joined had a program on The History of Buttons.

I think I was the only member who was waiting anxiously to see and hear this program as attendence was a little sparse. But those who did come ended up a won over when they got to see and handle some really unique and beautiful buttons. Button Down Designs  (click on the link to visit) owner had scads of historical examples made from bison horn to Bakelite. AND she makes bracelets of buttons that are really beautiful and unique and fun. 

I chose from this display

My daughter models my choice
All this button talk was the inspiration for a new handmade item in a totally different style for me. 
I had purchase several yards of a really nice upholstery weight linen a while back. A friend mentioned something called Zakka style which uses linen and I combined that with some GRAPHICS FAIRY button images and this is the result.
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  1. Emilie Collens IllsonMay 20, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    I'm so flattered that you enjoyed my presentation. I loved reading your story & seeing what your daughter did with the belt. Hope you come soon to visit me & my tens of thousands of buttons in Rocky River. Emilie Collens Illson