May 27, 2013

Getting Smarter with a Smartcover for my ipad

This week I worked on coming up with a way to create a better mousetrap ipad cover and I think I have achieved it. My old cover was getting grungy and the corners of the blue polywhatever stuff was coming unglued...SO I ripped it all apart. The blue looks even worse because I experimented with gluing fabric to it which was not very well done.

This time I decided to completely "upholster" the thing.
I used a sample fabric I had on hand and added The Graphics Fairy steam punk images. The fabric almost has a paper bag quality which adds to the masculinity of it, don't you think?  
 Wouldn't this make a great gift for Dad or a graduate? If you think so, step over to my Etsy shop where I am offering this at a bargain price.
 I knew I could do better and I did! I scored some brand new  ipad smartcovers at a great price and I snatched up as many as I could. The first taught me better ways to manage the fabrics and the hardware and here is the result. 

These covers are great but the choice of colors is not and Apple isn't in to offering any alternatives.

The "before" cover is bright green which is the color I chose over the bright blue experimental one. Because it is new, I did not have to dismantle it and got a much better result. Doing the visible seams and pinking the edges was a major improvement that allows the cover to lie flatter.  In case you are wondering, the smartcover works exactly the same way as uncovered. The ipad turns off and on and you open and close the cover and the magnatic hinge attaches exactly as in the original.

Lindbergh arrives in Paris...if the Spirit of St. Louis had been a biplane!
This one too, will be offered on my Etsy shop with more to follow as I complete them. I plan many different styles and colors.  What would be your choice?

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  1. This is so cool! I bet these will sell like hotcakes on Etsy!