May 5, 2013

Amish Country Fabric Quest

Typical view of Amish farms
Living on the edge of Amish County in Ohio, I am not especially fascinated with it, but when it comes to fabrics on sale, I'm there. My sewing friend Susan suggested the excursion to the sale and since I got to ride while she drove it was even better. The day was absolutely gorgeous allowing from some nice photos as well.
When have you ever seen dandelions look so good?

Here is the final destination
Here is the reason
It had been a busy two days before we arrived

Cleverly displayed button sold by the scoop. These ladies were scrounging for certain colors. This is one of the fabrics to come home with me which will probably end up as an apron.

I also got some great toweling that I was quickly made up this morning using Graphics Fairy coffee pot images.

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The Bargain Basement was also an extra 30% off
Just had to include this essence of spring in Ohio
This was taken from the car and severely cropped to take out a pole but if you have never been to Ohio Amish Country this is very typical. The baskets have become ubiqitous since they have been restricted from selling baked goods on the roadside. That's what I think, anyway.



  1. I enjoyed this virtual tour! And the towels are darling! Have a great week. ~JB was here.

  2. Wow, it looks amazing, if only it was a short drive from where I am!

    I've tagged you in a blog-pass-it-on article. But no pressure to respond!